All About Nicaraguan Coffee

Freshly picked coffee cherries Red Oak Roasters

At Red Oak Roasters we only use Nicaraguan coffee beans from the area of Nicaragua called Matagalpa. Farmers hand select the best beans and send them to us in Rickman, Tennessee where they are roasted and packaged.

Many people ask us why we love Nicaraguan beans, so here are some of the things we love about them!


  • Nicaraguan coffee ranks high on the world’s finest arabica coffees

Espresso Coffee Guide ranks Nicaraguan coffee #3 on their Best Coffee Beans in the World list, saying:

“A new arrival to the list this year is Nicaragua, which has developed a number of highly rated coffees. The best coffees from this top rated central American country typically exhibits notes of chocolate (dark, almost cacao-like) and fruits like apple and berries.”


  • Our beans are from Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Here are some facts about beans from the Matagalpa Region:

The capital city of Matagalpa gives this region its name, which consists of many estates and cooperatives. Coffees here are typically the Caturra and Bourbon variety, and grow between 1,000 and 1,400 meters.

Our coffee is “shade grown,” meaning the coffee plants are grown under a canopy of trees.

We use Selective Coffee Picking, (picking by hand) choosing only the perfectly ripe coffee cherries, and returning numerous times to each coffee tree again to pick the ripe berries. This results in shortened sorting times, but also higher prices because of the great consistency in the harvested beans. Selective coffee picking also results in a higher yield of coffee beans, since fewer harvested coffees need to be discarded.


  • Nicaraguan coffee tastes amazing!

Here are some general facts about Nicaraguan coffee:

  • Arabica Variety: Bourbon, Caturra, Pacamara, Maragogype, Maracaturra, Cutaui, Catimor
  • Harvest Period: October – March
  • Milling Process: Honey/Natural/Washed, Sun-dried
  • Aroma: Sweet (caramel), Chocolate, Citrus
  • Flavor: Floral, Citrus (lemon), Chocolate
  • Body: Smooth
  • Acidity: Bright, Citric

Nicaraguan beans all have similar tasting notes, but the way the beans are roasted affects certain tasting notes within the brewed cup of coffee.

At Red Oak Roasters, we have four different roasts that each have unique tasting notes and flavors:


Nica Light: Citric, (lemon) Rich, Subtle & Smooth

Light brown in color, contains the most Caffeine

Red Oak Roasters Nica Light Roast Coffee
Nica Light Roast
Nica Medium: Citric, Bold flavor, Rick and Smooth

Medium brown in color

Nica Medium Roast Coffee
NIca Medium Roast
Nica Dark: Smooth Chocolate flavor, with a hint of caramel

Matte brown, slightly darker than the color of milk chocolate.

Nica Dark Roast Coffee
Nica Dark Roast


Mad Dog Dark: Strong taste with a bittersweet edge and touch of dark chocolate

Dark in color slight hint of oils.

Red Oak Roasters Mad Dog Dark Roast
Mad Dog Dark Roast
We hope you will give our Nicaraguan coffee a try and see for yourself why we love it.

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