How To Roast Coffee at Home

How to roast coffee beans at home

Have you ever wondered how the coffee roasting process works?

The process of roasting green coffee beans is considered by many to be an art that takes science, graphing, and intricate coffee roasting machines to perfect.

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However, the origins of coffee roasting are much simpler! Legend has it that goats were the first to discover the joys of coffee, only they–and subsequently the Galla tribe in Ethiopa tending them–chewed the green berries raw. It wasn’t until the 13th Century that Arabs brought coffee back home, roasted them over fire, ground them up, and stirred the grinds into animal fat. They called the drink “qahwa,” meaning “that which prevents sleep.” (Source)

Many people around the world still roast coffee beans by the simple process of roasting over a heat source, and you can too!

What you need:

  • Raw Coffee beans

  • Skillet or Popcorn Popper




Skillet method:

Heat your skillet and add in raw beans. Constantly stir beans with a wooden spoon to prevent burning. The beans will change color slowly from green to light brown, and will soon begin to make a crackling sound similar to popcorn. When your beans have reached your desired darkness, place them on a cookie sheet to cool and continue stirring to help the cooling process.

Red Oak Roasters Roasting Coffee In pan

Popcorn Popper Method:

Heat popper and add in beans. Allow machine to whirl until beans begin to change color. Stop machine when beans are at the desired darkness, and allow beans to cool on a cookie sheet.

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